Unlined marquees
to house exhibitions, fairs and events

Unlined marquees

We can hire out unlined marquees, giving you a practical and functional enclosed area with plenty of space and flexibility. Our marquee hire options allow you to choose marquees in various sizes to suit your needs, as well as offering a full delivery, installation, take down and removal service. Put your marquee anywhere. It can be placed on various surfaces, including grass, tarmac and concrete. The A-frame structure of the marquee is self-supporting, making it less cluttered and more stable. There’s no need for guy ropes or central poles.

Why might you choose
an unlined marquee?

A marquee without linings is most commonly used for:

Festivals and shows

Casual lunches or celebrations

Fairs and open days

18th & 21st Birthdays

Outdoor sporting events

These are some of the main benefits of

choosing an unlined marquee :

  • It keeps costs down. Hiring a marquee without linings or dressings is very cost effective. You can save a significant amount in comparison to a lined marquee.
  • Personalised. Create your own bespoke space using our festoon lighting, uplighters, fairy lights and various styles of rustic and LED furniture.
  • Light and bright inside. Unlined marquees/PVC & frame can come with more windows and open walls, so they’re very light inside. Create the perfect ambience for your event.
  • Available as just a canopy. The PVC & frame can be reduced to just a canopy if this is all you need – though with the British weather, we’d usually suggest having walls!
  • Unlined marquees (PVC & frame) on their own are very on trend. They are suitable for more casual events too, where you don’t need any additional insulation, draping or formal furniture, and the most important aspect is the space inside.
  • Unlined marquees can be accesorised in different ways using festoon lighting, coloured lighting, lanterns balloons & rustic furniture.
  • You can hire marquees of various sizes, making them suitable for many different event types. We have marquees for as few as ten people, and marquees large enough to accommodate hundreds.
  • We have flexible hire options, so you can make your marquee look exactly the way you want it to. Include lights, or carpet hire, or anything else you need – we will be flexible depending on your event.

See some of our marquee options by exploring our gallery. Find out what we can offer you, and start getting some inspiration for your own event.

If you have any questions about marquees, just ask! We are always here to help and advise, so you can find the perfect marquee to suit your needs.

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