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We offer cutlery in London, Kent and Surrey for events of all sizes, in a range of styles to suit your requirements. We bring fine dining to you, making sure you have the cutlery to go with your table settings and to give your guests a superior culinary experience. Make each course more enjoyable with the right cutlery for your event, dinner or function.

When you hire cutlery from us, there is no washing up fee. In fact, there are no hidden costs at all – you know exactly what you will be paying upfront. You won’t have to wash the cutlery yourself, and you won’t be charged for us to do it either.

You can call Cameo Event Hire on 020 8659 8000 or email . You are very welcome to book an appointment to come into our office – we are based at Kent House Lane, Beckenham BR3 1QZ.

Siena cutlery range

A modern design by Elia, our most popular crockery range is both elegant and equally understated, lending a clean and polished look to your table scheme.

Description REF Quantity
Dinner knife 0320 10 £3.20
Dinner fork 0321 10 £3.20
Side knife 0322 10 £3.20
Dessert fork 0323 10 £3.20
Dessert spoon 0324 10 £3.20
Soup spoon 0325 10 £3.20
Teaspoon 0326 10 £3.00
Coffee spoon 0329 10 £3.00
Tapas/pastry fork 0330 10 £3.20
Serving spoon 0327 1 £0.42
Serving fork 0328 1 £0.42
Steak knife 0319 10 £4.00
Cheese knife 0316 1 £1.10


Virtu cutlery range

Bring your table into the 21st century with Virtu cutlery by Elia, with clean edges and a modern look. Highly versatile, the knives can be laid with the blade edge down or on their side.

Description REF Quantity Price
Dinner knife 0215 10 £3.00
Dinner fork 0216 10 £3.00
Side knife 0217 10 £3.00
Dessert fork 0218 10 £3.00
Dessert spoon 0219 10 £3.00
Soup spoon 0220 10 £3.00
Teaspoon 0221 10 £2.80
Coffee spoon 0222 10 £2.80


Gold honey cutlery

An alternative to silver cutlery, our stylish gold honey cutlery makes for a different table setting. Put on an event that stands out.

Description REF Quantity Price
Dinner knife 0199 10 £5.80
Dinner fork 0197 10 £5.80
Side knife 0198 10 £5.80
Dessert fork 0196 10 £5.80
Dinner spoon 0191 10 £5.80
Teaspoon 0190 10 £5.60


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Stylish cutlery for a
complete dining experience

Our cutlery ranges span all styles, from traditional to contemporary. You can select the appearance that will fit in with your tableware and that will work perfectly with your chosen menu. We regularly provide cutlery for various events, including:



Dinner parties






Choose to hire in any quantity you need (going up in 10s), giving you the option to cater for small gatherings or large events. Many people choose us because of our reputation for event hire and wedding cutlery hire in London, Kent and the surrounding areas.

Browse our cutlery collections below to get a feel for what you like, and if you need any assistance, let us know.

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Hire crockery, glassware and catering equipment, courtesy of Cameo Event Hire. We have everything you could need for your next event.

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