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Glassware hire for all events and occasions

We have the perfect options for glassware hire in London, Kent and Surrey, catering for all your needs at any party of event. Hire a set of our fine dining wine glasses for a dinner party, or a complete glassware set for a large wedding or event. Our flexible glassware hire options are suitable for all – select any volume you need in quantities of ten.

Unlike many event hire companies, we don’t charge a washing up fee. You can return glassware to us without having to wash it yourself and we won’t charge you anything extra.

To get in touch, please call Cameo Event Hire on 020 8659 8000 or email . We can offer you the perfect options for glassware hire in Kent, Surrey and London. You can make an appointment to come into our office if you would like – we are located on Kent House Lane, Beckenham BR3 1QZ.

The Cabernet glassware range

Classic and timeless, the Cabernet range is the go-to glassware option for any event. With all standard types of glass available, Cabernet’s air of enduring charm is ideal for setting a table and setting the scene.

Description REF Quantity
Champagne flute 5.5oz 0410 10 £3.60
White wine 8oz 0411 10 £3.60
Red wine 12oz 0412 10 £3.60
Water glass 10.6oz curved 0404 10 £3.30
Tall water glass 12.3oz curved 0408 10 £3.30
Lilac Rose Line 9.75oz 0428 10 £4.00
Hi ball glass – disco 12oz 0423 10 £3.30
Cocktail slim – disco 12oz 0422 10 £3.30
Stemmed beer – 16.2oz 0505 10 £4.80
Straight pint – 20oz 0606 10 £3.30
Whiskey water – disco 11oz 0424 10 £3.30
Water jug 1 Litre 0421 1 £1.50
Carafe 1 Litre 0427 1 £2.50


Stolzle Experience

A contemporary glassware option, the Stolzle Experience range is ideally paired with modern dinnerware and table settings. The clean lines and shapes make for a versatile appearance that can suit formal or more laid-back events.

Description REF Quantity Price
Champagne flute 6.75oz 0401 10 £3.80
White wine 8oz 0402 10 £3.80
Red wine 12oz 0403 10 £3.80


Black teardrop glassware

This exclusive handmade range will enhance any event or celebration, lending an air of sophistication to the experience. If you are hosting a dinner party or fine dining event, this could be the glassware range for you.

Description REF Quantity Price
Champagne flute 7.4oz 0430 10 £4.00
White wine 10oz 0431 10 £4.00
Red wine 13oz 0432 10 £4.00


Vintage & Cocktail Glassware

We have a variety of Vintage & Cocktail Glassware available for hire, including cut glass hiballs, cut glass tumblers, gin goblets, champagne saucers, brandy glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses and water jugs.

Description REF Quantity Price
Single Mexican shooter 1oz 0429 10 £2.80
Tall Mexican shooter 2oz 0434/s 10 £2.80
Tall wide shot disco 3.3oz 0426 10 £3.00
Cocktail slim disco 10.5oz 0422 10 £3.30
Hi ball disco 13oz 0423 10 £3.30
tumbler disco 8.5oz 0424 10 £3.30
Vintage cut tumbler 10.5oz 0406 10 £3.80
Vintage cut hi ball 13.5oz 0407 10 £3.80
Vintage cut martini 8oz 0435 10 £4.80
Vintage cut coupe 9.5oz 0436 10 £4.80
Vintage cut wine glass 11.5oz 0437 10 £4.80
Vintage cut flute 5.9oz 0438 10 £4.80
Emerald Green tumbler 12oz 0439 10 £9.50
Vintage cut glass decanter 0811 EACH £3.20
Champagne coupe 10oz 0425 10 £6.00
Martini long stem 8oz 0603 10 £6.00
Martini long stem 5oz 0418 10 £4.00
Gin goblet 24oz 0405 10 £5.00
Brandy balloon 10oz 0508 10 £3.00


What our customers say

Beautiful glassware
in a range of styles

From traditional wine glasses and Champagne flutes, to modern, contemporary glassware options, we have the styles and shapes to suit your event. We regularly hire out glassware for a range of events of any size, including:



Dinner parties






Hire out any number of glasses you need, giving you the flexibility to cater for anything, from a small dinner party right up to a wedding with hundreds of guests.

You can browse our options below to get an idea of the glassware you like, or you can contact our team for further advice. We will listen closely to what you want and find glassware that suits your tastes, that is available at the time you need it.

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