Comfortable Heated Marquee Hires for Events
Celebrate events year-round

Enjoy Outdoor Parties with Heated Marquee Hires

Looking to host parties during winter? But what about the weather, the chilled breeze that creates one of the most annoying situations for your guests? Worry not! 

At Cameo Event Hire, we offer the most comfortable heated marquee hires to ensure your outdoor events are enjoyable all year round. With our premium heated marquees, you can have parties, weddings, and other gatherings. With our winter marquees for hire, you can say goodbye to cold weather and hello to warm and cosy celebrations. 

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Why You Need A Heated Marquee for Hire in the Winters?

With our heated marquees, you will not have to confine your gatherings to the warmer months. Experience the beauty of winter or the crisp fall air while being warm and cosy within our winter marquee. Some of the benefits of heated marquees for hire are covered below:


Keep your guests comfortable and happy, regardless of the weather outside, with our heated marquees. 


With our heated tent solutions, you can extend the event season and organise meetings all year round.

Cosy Ambience

Our winter heated marquees offer all your guests a cosy and inviting atmosphere. It is a perfect choice for gatherings and celebrations. 


Protect your attendees and event equipment from weather conditions such as wind, rain, and low temperatures.


Our heating marquees offer the same level of tailored solutions as our standard marquees, allowing you to personalise the space to suit your event theme and style.

Safely Heated Marquees for Hire

It is essential to note that a heated marquee is quite different from a typical style of wedding marquee. Our winter wedding marquee and party marquee in the U.K. require specialised equipment and expertise to set up. Unlike regular garden heaters, which may not be suitable for use inside a marquee, our heating solutions are designed specifically for tented spaces. Cameo Event Hire prioritises safety in all marquee rentals, ensuring that our heating systems are properly fitted and controlled to ensure maximum comfort without jeopardising safety. 

What our customers say

From start to finish, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing them to enjoy their event fully. Look at the reviews by our customers.  

Why Is Heated Marquee for Hire Essential for Your Event?

Relief From Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can make guests uncomfortable. Heated marquees help to relieve your guests from chilly weather and help them stay warm.  

Extended Event Season

Expand your event calendar beyond the traditional warmer months, opening up opportunities for winter weddings, holiday parties, and more. 

Enhanced Atmosphere

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside the tent to improve the entire experience for you and your visitors. 

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