How will you feel if your chief guest got up for a speech and microphone and speakers aren’t working or if groom and bride are dancing, and music stops in between? As an event host you will feel embarrassed and question your choice of equipment supplier.

Hosting an event is a meticulous task and require a wide range of arrangements to be done. This blog will guide you in choosing the right event equipment supplier. Event equipment consist of wide range from audio visual to lighting and staging.

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The equipment can make or break the event. Each component has its own importance and usage. As a host, it is your duty to ensure all the functions are running smoothly and there is no scope of malfunctioning.

Here are some factors to consider before finalising your event equipment supplier:

1. Assess Your Needs

The first step in choosing an equipment supplier is to assess your needs. You should consider event’s scale, type, audience, location and other element before you start selecting the supplier. A corporate conference will require different equipment compared to a celebration. So, decide what kind of event you are hosting.

2. Experience

The experience and expertise of supplier is necessary for handling events. Suppliers with relevant experience will not just provide you equipment but can also give you insight and advice for a successful event. They have already foreseen many events so they know what are possible challenges that you may face.

3. Reputation and Reviews

Don’t forget to check the reputation and reviews of your supplier. The past clients and testimonials will help you in understanding how they work and where they are lacking behind. You should create a balance of positive and negative feedback, so that you choose what fits you. If possible, connect with past clients to know all details.

4. Quality of Equipements

The quality of equipment shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t hire a poorly maintained equipment supplier because they can be dangerous for health and can raise safety concerns. Visit the supplier office and check the equipment yourself and ensure same equipment will be delivered on decided day of the event.

5. Pricing

While we all plan and work under a budget for any event, choose a supplier which is known for high quality products within your budget. Quote provided should be transparent and have competitive rates. The quote should include all the charges and overall cost.

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6. Customer Support

The supplier should give you constant support from day of booking till completion of the event. Suppliers should respond on time, communicate well and handle any issue that you are facing. They should also provide on-site support if required. They should help you, making the process smooth and easy.

7. Availability

As a host of the event, you will come across many last-minute changes and challenges. A supplier should be available and ready with solution to accommodate new changes. The role of supplier is not just handling over the equipment but providing full service related to equipment throughout the event.

8. Compliance

The supplier should have all the relevant permits and certifications to work. They should follow the safety and health protocols which are required for insurance. This is necessary for having safe and secure premises of the event. Insurance and law compliance is necessary for both the parties.

9. Sustainability

Events are meant for celebration, but we should be careful about our contribution towards environment. Suppliers should have eco-friendly options for creating an environment friendly event. For example, you can use cloth table instead of paper for covering the tables, use glass instead of paper cups and flowers instead of paper confetti.

10. Contract

Both the parties should be clear about their roles and responsibilities. A good supplier will always have a contract drafted so that both of you will know your work area and this reduces the chances of getting into dispute. The legal documents help in creating a well-managed and organised event.


Choosing right equipment supplier is a crucial decision but can’t be ignored. After venue, equipment is most important for any event. Select a supplier who offers you quality, service, fair value and support so that you can also enjoy the event instead of just worrying about equipment. The supplier should understand your unique needs and supply you equipment accordingly.

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