Planning an outdoor public event in picturesque Kent is an exciting endeavour that requires intensive planning and thorough preparation. Whether you are organising a formal conference, a get-together or any personal event, having the right equipment is essential to ensure a successful and memorable experience for attendees.

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Let us delve into this comprehensive guide to outdoor public event planning in Kent, focusing on the essential equipment you will require:

1. Marquees and Tents

Marquees and tents not only provide shelter from harsh sun or cold winds but also set the mood and ambience of the event. It helps you define the purpose and event space. Kent is known for its unpredictable and shift weather changes, so having a waterproof and weatherproof marquee will protect your guests and equipment from any sudden rainfall or harsh sunlight.

Depending upon the number of audience and scale of the event, you can book small or large marquees or a blend of both, where the main event is in large marquees and workshops, and the dining area is in smaller marquees. This way, you can have the separation and the event will look more organised.

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2. Table and Chairs

The comfort of the guest is essential for the success of any event. Comfortable seating and functional tables are vital for guest comfort. Along with comfort, choose furniture that complements the theme of your event. If you are going for a country theme, choose rustic wooden furniture; for corporate events, choose modern and sleek designs.

Choose furniture that is stable and durable. As a planner, I always have the correct count of expected guests and have more seating to accommodate unexpected guests. Tables, chairs and furniture are crucial for a comfortable and good event.

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3. Sounds and Lighting

For corporate events or personal events, a good quality sound system is necessary for both the events. You need to make announcements or for entertainment; a sound system is always required. For larger spaces or multiple zones, ensure the sound system is evenly distributed to provide clear audio throughout the venue.

Lighting is equally important, especially for events taking place in the evening. Efficient lighting setups not only light up the event but also enhance the mood of the event. You can choose from bright lighting, precise lighting, soft lighting or ambient lighting, depending on the needs of your event. Ensure that no live wires are uncovered and that plugs and boards are kept in a safe place that is out of reach by guests.

4. Stage Equipment

The stage setup for speeches, presentations or performances should be robust. Make sure it is appropriately sized and sturdy enough to support the performer, speaker and equipment. The stage should be accessible, with ramps and stairs for easy access for specially abled or old guests.

The position of the stage should be strategically chosen for optimal viewing and also consider avoiding issues with wind and sunlight. The stage should have space for all necessary equipment that may be required during the event.

5. Decoration and Signage

Decoration sets the atmosphere and vibe of the event. For corporate events, use less or no colourful decoration, keeping it simple and formal, whereas for celebratory events, you can pick a theme and decorate the place accordingly.

Signage helps guests with easy navigation through the event. It should provide information on schedules, directions and facilities. You can get customised signage to match up your theme. You may also include the culture of Kent in decoration for that homely feel.

6. Portable Toilets and First Aid

Some events do not have permanent facilities, so you should arrange for a high-quality portable toilet for those places. While organising and placing those, ensure you have enough units to accommodate the crowd, and these are accessible for specially abled people as well. Position them away from the food and drink area. Before and during the event, ensure proper sanitation is maintained.

Always be prepared for emergencies. If it is a small and short event have a first aid area. If possible, have a doctor, a nearby hospital, and an emergency number in hand for long events. Train staff for basic first aid and the process of emergency.

7. Catering Equipment

If the event requires providing food, ensure you have proper crockery and glassware. The food vendors should wear gloves and maintain neat and clean preparation stations. Even if the event does not demand food serving, ensure you have a water dispenser and snacks.

When you hire out delicate dining equipment such as crockery, glassware, and cutlery, you will often be expected to return everything that has already been washed. Not with us! Just return everything as it is, and we do all the cleaning, for the same price.


Planning an outdoor public event in Kent requires detailed and meticulous planning. You need to pay attention to the needs and safety of the guests. If you have the right equipment and everything is in place, your event will be successful and enjoyable. Having the right equipment can make or break your event.

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